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Hailey enjoys watching tv a little bit too much now I think lol she’s actually paying attention to the tv. My mom thinks she might just like the sound of (real) kids but Alan thinks she’s addicted to the tv already lmao whatever keeps her occupied is fine with me as long as she’s not fussing haha ๐Ÿ˜œ

She’s sleeping on the fluffy pink clouds ๐Ÿ˜˜

Looking through the photos my mom took today and found this. Hailey’s trying to use the Huggies diaper box as support to stand up! My baby’s growing up so fast, she’s already wanting to stand and walk! Soon she’s not gonna want her mommy anymore ๐Ÿ˜‚

I think every parent knows that feeling when you have to delete your baby’s pictures and videos. That “heart sinking” fear of “what if I messed up and they’re gone forever” feeling ๐Ÿ˜ฃ

It’s been a long day today! Was out with this LO since 2pm until about 8pm. Doing a little but of errands and then meeting up with Auntie ChaCha. She’s so happy and excited to be out, and to be hanging out with them she only had one nap that was maybe only 30 minutes long. After we came home, she was still not done lol but once we put her in her crib she’s asleep in less than a minute. This little monster had too much fun today and didn’t want it to end haha

4/8/2014 - Tomorrow finally came

I think I’ve put off my sewing for maybe 2 weeks now. Maybe even longer. That was such a bad idea.

I kept telling myself: “I should be finishing up those things….NAHHHHH! I’ll do them tomorrow.”

Well I been pushing that ‘tomorrow’ and it finally happened today.

Didn’t realize how much actually needed to be done.

What’s unfinished/need to be done:
- Cloth diaper liners for Hailey; exactly how much to make is still unsure
- Wet bags to hold Hailey’s diapers
- Small wet bag for myself
- Shopping cart cover for Hailey
- Window curtains for the apartment
- Repurposing Hailey’s old clothes to bibs, hats, and other possibilities

What I got done:
- Took apart and refinished a cloth liner
- 1 new cloth liner
- 1 mini wet bag for myself that might be too mini
- Diaper holding bag that became uneven for some reason and may need to be fixed….
- Finished cutting out fabric for the shopping cart cover
- Drew what else needs to be cut out from the fabrics (leg holes and belt loop slits)

Actual sew time was maybe 2 hours total. I think the toughest part was just cutting out fabrics and PREPARING to sew.

But thank god I got my rotary cutter. It made the job much easier! Definitely worth buying! I think I might invest on a sewing machine next. Still undecided since mom says those machines only lasts maybe a year and then you need to buy a new one. But I donno how to work HERS (the one she gave me) so ehhh…

Or maybe….

I’ll just bring the stuff to her place and do it there!!!


Don’t want her to end up saying I’m wasting time doing this than studying and finishing school.

Sometimes I feel like I should’ve taken fashion instead. Or something to do with this.

Well let’s hope I can finish this tomorrow before I go out. I wanna go to Target and Carter’s with Hailey after taxes and try out the cover :)

Finally got to finish up some stuff that I started. Been procrastinating for a while so all my projects just been piling up. I need to stop starting a new project when I didn’t even finished the previous ones… At least I got some done. 2 cloth liners, 1 diaper holder, and 1 mini wet bag. Now all that’s left is Hailey’s shopping cart cover, some more liners (maybe) and bibs. Hope I can finish the cover by tomorrow before going out. Good thing I got some of the cutting done. All that’s left is to cut out leg holes, belt strap slits, toy attachment loops, and see the elastic and bias :)

Hailey’s growing so fast. She’s trying to climb and stand already. Can’t believe how much she has grown already

Hailey’s watching Dora The Explorer for the first time. I find Dora to be a bit annoying but she seems to be enjoying it lol

Shopping at Skyview today with this little one. She spent 2 hours screaming and swinging her arms and legs around cause she’s so excited. Even when We put her back into her stroller she was still screaming and kicking her legs, swinging her arms. She’s so excited to be out shopping; future shopaholic lmao