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Because everyone’s having their throwback moments. Missing that super preggo belly with little baby Hailey in it but loving every moment since she has been born❤️. Sometimes she may be a handful, like when she was teething or when she gets overly tired. But no matter what she’s still my little princess. I would do anything for her. On this day, 7/26, so much has happened. I have been through so much pain, tears, and waiting. In the end, it was all worth it once my little princes came at 7/27 at 7:34pm. A moment worth remember. The moment our lives changed together.

Such a naughty baby. She was sitting in her chair watching tv and then she crawls out. Then she climbs back in. She’s growing up to be an adventurous naughty baby. It amazes me how much she grows in just one day.

Spent the night looking back at Hailey’s old photos and videos again. It surprised me how much my baby has grown. She’s already turning 9 months in less than a week! Where has the time gone?? I miss those days where I can stay home and just enjoy being with her❤️

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Auntie @charminevelez and Uncle Jorge goes spoiling my #babyhailey once again! Hailey’s #1steasterbag!! She doesn’t understand what it is or eat it but that won’t stop her Auntie ChaCha haha 😘 Thank you Auntie ChaCha! #100happybabydays #day28 #happybaby #candyfordaddy #easter #hellokitty #goodiebag

Hailey’s first time going to Kissena Park! Weather finally warmed up enough to take her for a walk. Hoping next week would also be nice and we can take her to the swings. We saw a couple taking wedding pictures and Hailey was so happy and smiling. It was too cute lol

Hailey enjoys watching tv a little bit too much now I think lol she’s actually paying attention to the tv. My mom thinks she might just like the sound of (real) kids but Alan thinks she’s addicted to the tv already lmao whatever keeps her occupied is fine with me as long as she’s not fussing haha 😜

She’s sleeping on the fluffy pink clouds 😘

Looking through the photos my mom took today and found this. Hailey’s trying to use the Huggies diaper box as support to stand up! My baby’s growing up so fast, she’s already wanting to stand and walk! Soon she’s not gonna want her mommy anymore 😂

I think every parent knows that feeling when you have to delete your baby’s pictures and videos. That “heart sinking” fear of “what if I messed up and they’re gone forever” feeling 😣